Virtual Assistant Mastery Course

The ultimate guide to hiring and managing VA's

  • Find the most qualified VA's

    Unlock the methods to discovering and hiring highly skilled remote workers.

  • Scale and automate your online business

    Take your online business to the next level by automating your workflow through outsourcing international employees for as little as $2.00 per hour.

  • Maintain privacy and security 

    Ensure that your sensitive information is kept safe by preventing vulnerabilities. 

Hire VA's to Grow Your Online Businesses

Course Main Features

Job Post Templates

The exact job posts that we use to find and hire all of our VA's.

Sample Training Videos

You'll be granted access to our own library of live VA training tutorial videos.

Customer Service Scripts

Tried and tested, scripted responses for virtually every inquiry you'll receive from customers.

Interview Questions

Model interview questions that will help guide you through hiring the most qualified candidate.

New VA Onboarding Checklist

Everything that your VA needs to know about your business before they start their job.

Pay Structure & Work Arrangements 

Clear expectations set in writing to avoid any downstream conflict. 

Strategic Organization

Improve your business efficiency by automating workflows and reducing errors.


An entire software toolkit dedicated to hiring, managing, and organizing your team of VA's.

Security Best Practices  

Your personal privacy and account security will be kept safe when following our strict protocol. 



  • Section 1:

    Introduction to Virtual Assitants

    • Course Introduction
    • Private Members Facebook Group Invitation
    • Purpose of VA's
    • Virtual Assistant Use Cases
    • Where to Find Reliable and Qualified VA's
    • Job Post Template
    • When to Hire Your First VA
  • Section 2:

    The Hiring Process

    • Crafting a Well Structured Job Post
    • Identifying Qualified Candidates
    • Interview Strategies
    • Our Interview Template 
    • Hiring Strategies
  • Section 3:

    Organization & Security Setup

    • Setting Clear Expectations
    • Granting Application Access
    • Security and Privacy Concerns
    • Dedicated VA email with Filters and Folders
    • Password Management
  • Section 4:

    VA Onboarding

    • Onboarding Checklist
    • Communication Apps
    • Software for Training Videos
    • Training Videos Best Practices
    • Setting Up a Training Portal
    • Tracking VA's Productivity 
    • Pay Structure and Payment Guide
  • Section 5:

    Management & Improving Workflow Efficiency 

    • Our Customer Service Scripts
    • Customer Service Applications
    • Helpdesk Solutions
    • When to Get Additional VA's
    • Expanding Your Team of VA's
    • Virtual Assistant Agencies
    • Management 

Don't Wait!

It's time to outsource the bulk of your online business and focus on the important things, like scaling operations. Hiring and managing Virtual Assistants is the easiest and fastest way to achieve growth. By enrolling today, you will unlock all of the secrets that the 'Big Boys' don't want you to know!        

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