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Learn step-by-step how to reach financial success using the worlds largest ecommerce platform, Amazon. This A-to-Z course from Dropshipping University on Amazon Dropshipping covers everything you need to know to start earning a piece of the (massive) Amazon sales, even if you're a total beginner!

You've heard the legends of Amazon sellers making thousands of dollars off of one product.


Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have heard of the legend of the oober-successful Amazon Dropshipper. 


You know, the seller who has 1 listing on Amazon but is somehow constantly posting selfies on a beautiful beach?


You sit back in bewilderment wondering, "How the f*%# did they get that lucky? Is it possible for me to earn a full-time income on Amazon too?"

What if I told you that it's possible for you too...

The truth is, succeeding on Amazon isn't rocket-science... Nor is it reserved for the "unicorn" product sellers.


With the right set of tools and guidance, virtually anyone (beginners included!) can earn a full-time income with Amazon Dropshipping  without wasting time banking on discovering that 1 product that will make them rich.


That's why we created the Amazon Dropshipping Blueprint to provide a reliable, and easy to replicate Amazon Dropshipping system that bridges the gap between you and your financial goals.


Amazon Dropshipping Blueprint

  • Proven strategies to easily generate more money. Don't miss out on the internet's biggest cash machine. People just like you are making thousands of dollars per month by leveraging Amazon's massive marketplace.  

  • The guidance and support you need to avoid costly mistakes. Amazon can be a risky platform for beginners. Minimize the learning curve and avoid profit loss with our in-depth training modules.

  • Live the life that you've always wanted. This is your opportunity to be your own boss with virtually no money needed. Spend more time doing the things you love with a business that you can run from anywhere in the world!

Meet Your Instructors

With the combined experience of seasoned e-commerce coaches, Tom & Jason, you can rest assure that you will learn the fastest and most effective ways to win on internet's biggest cash machine. 

Tom Cormier

Average Monthly Sales: $50,000

As an Amazon Dropshipper who sells over $50,000 per month (all without any upfront capital investment), I am a firm believer that with the right guidance, anyone can succeed with this business model. Through our simplified Amazon Dropshipping method, you will learn all of the secret techniques which have enabled us, along with our students, to earn a full-time income from the comforts of our home!

Jason Meunier

Average Monthly Sales: $35,000

Over the last 4 years selling products on Amazon, I have survived multiple suspensions and I've overcame countless challenges. Struggling through these times without any guidance was not a simple task, but coming out on top shows that I have conquered these hurdles. I am eager to share with you all of the red flags and provide you with solutions which will help you avoid similar pitfalls. 

What's Included

13 hrs

Video Lessons


Bonus Written Guides


Training Modules


Support Group

What's Included

15 hrs

Video Lessons


Bonus Written Guides


Training Modules


Support Group


  • Modules 1-3:

    Introduction to Amazon Dropshipping

    • Lesson 1.1- Welcome to Dropshipping University!
    • Lesson 1.2- Course Introduction And Private Members Facebook Group
    • Lesson 2.1- Why Start Amazon Dropshipping Today
    • Lesson 2.2- Amazon Dropshipping Best Practices
    • Lesson 3.1- Creating Your Seller Central Account
    • Lesson 3.2- Seller Central Dashboard Breakdown
    • Lesson 3.3- Account Health and Metrics Overview
    • Lesson 3.4- Inventory Tab Overview
    • Lesson 3.5- Orders Tab Overview
    • Lesson 3.6- Amazon Fees Breakdown
    • Lesson 3.7- Daily Amazon Funds Disbursement
    • Lesson 3.8- Understanding the Buy Box
  • Modules 4-5:

    Sourcing Highly Profitable Items

    • Lesson 4.1- Account Settings Breakdown
    • Lesson 4.2- Configuring Your Shipping Settings
    • Lesson 4.3- Configuring Your Return Settings
    • Lesson 4.4- Return Settings for Legacy Accounts
    • Lesson 4.5- Configuring Your Tax Settings
    • Lesson 5.1- Our Pre-Formatted Item Sourcing Sheet
    • Lesson 5.2- Our Top 15 Recommended Suppliers
    • Lesson 5.3- Avoiding IP Infringements
    • Lesson 5.4- Finding Profitable Items By Hand
    • Lesson 5.5- Tips and Tricks to Finding Great Items
    • Lesson 5.6- Variations in the Sourcing Sheet
  • Modules 6-7:

    Listing & Inventory Management 

    • Lesson 6.1- Introduction to Web Scraper App (WSA)
    • Lesson 6.2- Connecting Web Scraper App to Amazon
    • Lesson 6.3- Suppliers Set Up in Web Scraper App
    • Lesson 6.4- VA Account Access for Web Scraper App
    • Lesson 6.5- Connecting Informed.CO to Amazon
    • Lesson 6.6- Repricing Formulas for Informed.CO
    • Lesson 6.7- Pairing Informed.CO to Web Scraper App
    • Lesson 6.8- Verifying Proper WSA Setup with Listing
    • Lesson 7.1- Setting Up Your CSV Files
    • Lesson 7.2- Reviewing Your Amazon CSV and Uploading
    • Lesson 7.3- Double Checking Your Sourcing Sheet
    • Lesson 7.4- Uploading the Web Scraper App CSV File
    • Lesson 7.5- Confirming All Software is Integrated

Modules 8-9: Processing Sales & Customer Service

Modules 10-11: Feedback, Tracking & Organization

Modules 12-13: Maximizing Margins & Tax Exemption  

Module 14: Advanced Topics


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Top 15 Secret Suppliers

We have included our own highly curated suppliers list so that you can start finding profitable products to list right away

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International Tax Exemption

We have partnered with a distinguished done-for-you service to help international students get tax exemption and US businesses


Profit Margin Calculator

Knowing your profits is vital to running any business. By using our customized Dropshipping profit calculator, you'll never lose money

$449 VALUE

Exclusive Software Discounts

We have negotiated special discounts for our students, saving them hundreds of dollars on top Dropshipping software


Bookkeeping & Accounting Template

Accounting can be a daunting task. We have simplified the process with our pre-made sheet which is primed for recording earnings for tax purposes

$299 VALUE

Suspension (POA) Template

If you've received the dreaded Amazon suspension email, don't panic. Our guidance will help you create a proper plan of action to help get your account reinstated

$199 VALUE

Product Sourcing Sheet

Finding profitable products to sell is the most difficult process for many Dropshippers. Use this sourcing template to sell thousands of items

$249 VALUE

Customer Service Scripts

Avoid receiving harmful negative feedback which can jeopardize your account. Reduce returns, refunds, and A-Z claims with our refined customer service scripts

Ready to start mastering the worlds largest marketplace?

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